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Maternal Threads by Frances Susanne Brown

Maternal Threads

by Frances Susanne Brown

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Early Praise for Maternal Threads:

From Rachel Manley, author of the award winning memoir Drumblair: Memories of Jamaican Childhood, as well as Slipstream and Horses in Her Hair:

Frances Brown’s memoir, Maternal Threads, weaves relentlessly between the facade of family and its mysterious inner lining, unpicking the surface of its given pattern to uncover the sleeping shapes of secret connections beneath. In its quest to reassemble truth, Maternal Threads reveals the strength of successive generations as they each reshape themselves, adapting to alteration and ultimately extending the family fabric to include the challenge and promise of the future, their bonds deepened by insight and strengthened by the darns and mends, understanding and forgiveness, of this compelling story.  

From Suzanne Berne, author of critically acclaimed novels A Perfect Arrangement and A Ghost at the Table, as well as her most recent book, the memoir Missing Lucile:

What is our real history, the one we're told by family members or the one we discover behind the stories we've been told?  With delicacy, wit and great compassion, Frances Brown addresses this complicated question by teasing apart the mysteries of her great aunt's identity and her mother's past, and then embracing the legacies these wildly different women have passed on to her.   A fascinating book.


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Preserving the past & bringing history to life...

                                                             One Memory at a Time

Frances Susanne Brown

Frances Susanne Brown is a multi-published writer of both nonfiction and fiction, including personal essays, historical magazine features, short stories, and novels. An accomplished memoirist, she blogs regularly about the everyday experiences that shape our lives.

An obsession to fill out her family tree led her to research her maternal heritage, and spawned her memoir, Maternal Threads from High Hill Press, now available on Amazon and at a Barnes & Noble near you.

Frances also writes fiction under two pseudonyms: Claire Gem (Soul Mate Publishing) and Charlotte Daly (Lachesis Publishing).